Beach Villa-Côte d' Azur

"Where the sky and sea are bluer than blue…
and the subtropical climate shows its best side....  
Where the coast is full of life... 
Where 'joie de vivre' is felt every day… 

On the Côte d'Azur you realise that you live! 

Life in the green, relaxing backyard of the French Riviera is simply delightful..."

Southern France

Côte d’ Azur - Les Issambres 

At 250 meters from the sandy beaches 

For rent Idyllically located and an attractive holiday villa with sea view, consisting of 3 separate houses. All with their own  private entrance gate and a private garden. 
The villa is central located in a green, quiet area, on 3 minutes walking distance from the sandy beaches and yet close to everything you need for a perfect holiday!  
Cannes (35 minutes) and St.Tropez (20 minutes)
Free wireless internet

Within 2 minutes walk from the villa you will find

  • Various bays with sandy beaches
  • Tennis
  • Miniature golf
  • Pétanque court
  • Various restaurants
  • Takeaway pizza
  • Food
  • Fresh bread
  • Tabac
  • Bus stop
  • Excellent golf possibilities in the vicinity of the villa!

       An ideal holiday destination!

the Houses

Aloë Vera

4 persons - 60m2
Attractive and fully furnished house, with your own private entrance, carparking and a spacious private garden.
On 250 m. walking distance from the sandy beaches. 
Free Wifi.


4 persons - 55m2
Attractive and fully furnished house, with your own private entrance, parking and a private garden. 
Situated at 250 m. from the sandy beaches. 
Free Wifi.


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Les Issambres 

Les Issambres is located about 10 kilometres south of St. Raphael and about 5 kilometres north of St. Tropez. It is a real family resort on the Mediterranean Sea, with the rich flora that belongs to the Mediterranean. The promenade stretches out over a length of about 8 kilometres along the coast. The many sandy beaches, interspersed with fascinating rock formations, can be found here.

Just above Les Issambres are Grimaud and Roquebrune, picturesque villages with city gates and cosy narrow streets between old houses and galleries. In the vicinity you can make beautiful walks in the Massif des Maures, a large nature reserve.


Roquebrune, the place where Les Issambres is located, was founded at the beginning of the 11th century, after the Saracens were defeated. The name Les Issambres was given to the rocks that were formed in the Permian era, tens of millions of years ago. 

These rocks are the foothills of the Massif de Maures.

In the 20's of the last century the seaside resort Les Issambres was founded.


The village is excellent as a base to Sainte Maxime, less than 10 km away, where you can develop many activities.  By boat from the port of San Peyre in Les Issambres to Saint Tropez. Or to the surrounding larger cities such as Cannes, Nice or Monaco. Or what about a visit to the perfume city of Grasse with the famous perfume museum.
In addition, you can immerse yourself within 15 minutes in the fashionable nightlife of St. Raphael, Port Grimaud, St. Tropez and Ste Maxime.
If you stay in Les Issambres itself you can visit one of the many beaches or bays.


The town of Les Issambres has a fairly long coastline with many sandy beaches from small to large. There are beaches where you can stay for free and there are beaches where you can use a place with sun lounger and parasol for a fee. 

These can be found west of Les Issambres. (Between les Issambres and Ste.Maxime)

St. Barth is such a plague and has a swimming pool by the sea, where it is safer for children when the waves of the sea are too high.

You can take your cycle with you or they can also be rented on site in les Issambres. The area in the immediate vicinity of the sea is reasonably flat and it is a great alternative to visit the various beaches and places like Ste. Maxime or St. Tropez by bike to visit.

Because of the many bays, with clear and azure blue water, this is an oasis for snorkelers. You can discover the beautiful underwater sea world  at 200 meters from the villa.

Sea fishing can be done at 200 meters from the house from the beautiful rocks, for a delicious fish meal.
There are also boats for rent in Les Issambres with which you can go fishing a little further at sea (possibly accompanied).


The Tourist Office of les Issambres provides free walking maps for different distances.

These include beautiful and diverse routes in the vicinity of the villa, along the sea, or along varied routes in forests and nature.

For this you can contact one of the local diving clubs.

This can be done on 15 different beautiful courses in the Var. Most of the courses are located 20 minutes away from the villa.

A 4-minute walk from the villa there are 4 public tennis courts. These are one of the most beautiful courts of the Cote d'Azur and are located directly by the sea. These courts are lit in the evening and can be booked on the spot.

You can take sailing lessons at the sailing school at the port of Les Issambres. You can also let younger children participate for one or more days in groups with age enjoyed.

There are several restaurants in the immediate vicinity and within walking distance of the villa.
At 200 meters there is a cozy pizzeria la Romantica, located by the sea, where you can also order takeaway pizzas.

From Les Issambres you also have the opportunity to explore the breathtaking hinterland, such as the Gorges du Verdon (The Grand Canyon of Europe). Known for its breathtaking views, unspoiled nature with deep ravines and azure waters. There are hiking maps available with various routes, in different distances. Highly recommended!A


Every day there is a nice market to visit under the cooling plane trees. 

Below you will find a summary of the market days in the area:

  • Cavalaire: Wednesday from 08.00 to 14.00 hrs.
  • Cogolin : Wednesday and Saturday from 07.00 to 13.00 hrs.
  • Collobrières : Sunday and Thursday mornings (summer only)
  • Frejus : Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday (and saison) and Saturday morning
  • Frejus-plage : Sunday
  • Gassin: Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 08.00 to 12.00 hrs.
  • Grimaud : Thursday morning
  • La Croix Valmer : Sunday morning
  • La Garde Freinet : Sunday and Wednesday from 08.00 to 12.00 hrs.
  • Les Issambres : Monday morning
  • Plan de la Tour : Thursday morning
  • Port Grimaud : Sunday morning
  • Ramatuelle : Thursday and Sunday morning
  • Roquebrune : Friday morning
  • Sainte Maxime : Friday morning
  • St. Augulf : Tuesday and Friday morning
  • Saint Tropez : Saturday morning and Tuesday morning
  • We advise you to visit a market preferably early in the morning, due to the hustle and bustle.

Marchés aux Puches en Brocantes

The cozy antique and flea markets are held here:

  • Sainte Maxime: Wednesday all day (until 18.00 hours) at the Promenade Simon Lorière
  • Cavalaire: every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month at Zac du Fenouillet
  • Roquebrune sur Argens: every 2nd Sunday of the month in the Quartier des Castagniers
  • Cogolin: every Thursday morning in the car park at Leclerc
  • Grimaud: every Sunday morning at the Jas des Roberts, outside the centre.  An attractive market in the middle of the vineyards, near a cosy and old authentic Provencal Mas, for coffee or a delicious lunch. Highly recommended for the Sunday morning!



Who doesn't know the name of this village? Worldwide, with a reputation of brands such as Coca-Cola, the name Saint Tropez is equated with luxury, nice weather, enjoyment, and (sometimes) a bit too much of the good. Here you can really see if those celebrities really bought such a beautiful ship and if you can order a Ferrari in a different color.

But here you will also find some of the most beautiful beaches of the Côte d’Azur.


It is wonderful to go to one of the beaches of Saint Tropez or of the surrounding area. For example to the bay of Canoubiers or the bay of Pampelonne where beach bars with famous names like La Voile Rouge, Key West, Club 55, Tahiti or Millesim are. But you can also find entertainment on the beach of Leï Salins or La Bouillabaisse, which can be reached on foot from the village.

There are at least 3 museums in Saint Tropez. In what used to be the chapel of Notre Dame de l'Annonciade, is now a museum with the same name. It is a clear reminder of the fact that the painters of the avant-garde at the beginning of the 20th century were settled here. You can also visit the Citadel, the fortress of which the first part was built in the 16th century. Here you can still see the old, sea-facing cannons. And something completely different is the butterfly museum, Maison de Papillons, where about 4500 different species are exhibited.

If you plan to be near Saint Tropez in the first half of October, ask the Tourist Office (00-33-494-974521) in which week the annual Voiles are. These are the regattas with particularly beautiful, classic and modern sailing yachts.

Of course, a visit to a terrace or restaurant is not to be missed. Probably the most famous terrace is that of Senequier, with the red color, where you can look at the people who want to see if they want to be seen. Restaurants are available in all kinds of varieties. For example, around the Place de Lices, where either the cozy market (go Saturday morning early) is or where petanque is played. But of course there are plenty of restaurants and terraces along the quayside of the harbor and in the narrow streets.

The Beaches of the presqu'ile de Saint Tropez are some of the most famous beaches in southern France. 

The sandy beaches of Pampelonne stretch out over 5 kilometres along the bay in which many beautiful (motor) yachts are moored at high times. The owners of these yachts move from their ship with smaller boats or by helicopter to one of the famous beach bars.

We'll cover some of the places to be.

Club 55, probably the most famous, "where the seeing and being seen" to culture is elevated. Princess Carloline of Monaco can be "mocked" here. Dress code: "casual and expensive". The history of Club 55 dates back to its founding year, 1955, when it was the first establishment on the beaches of Pampelonne. Address: 43 Boulevard Patch, tel: 0494-555555

Nikki Beach: An "annex" of the eponymous beach of Miami, jetsetters and hiphoppers.  Address: Route de l'Epi, tel: 0494-798204

Tahiti: The place for VIPs and stars. On the northern side of Pampelonne, with a very good kitchen, lovely beach beds and fantastic lunches mostly while enjoying live music.

Ste. Maxime

Ste Maxime is the adjacent village, 6 km. away from Les Issambres. It is a town with over 11,000 inhabitants spread over 8,000 hectares. Here you will find everything you need.


The submarine Aquascope, with large windows so that you can see everything that goes on under the water level.

The gamblers can take a gamble in the Casino of the resort.

And last but not least, of course, the inner man. Many restaurants and terraces can be found opposite the harbour, along the coastal road.


This picturesque village is built around a hill that rises like an iceberg above the partially flat environment. Here are the last foothills of the Massif des Maures which merge into the last kilometres of plain off the coast. From the ruins of a castle on top of the hill, you have a magnificent view over the surrounding area. Villages such as Saint Tropez, Gassin and Ramatuelle can be seen. The village centre of Grimaud, where narrow streets with shops or houses take you up or down, is extremely well preserved.


After the above story, it can be guessed, of course, that a visit to the ruins of the castle of Grimaud is one of the things you should do when you are in the vicinity of Grimaud. In the village, at the fire station is a large parking lot from where you start a last steep climb on foot to get there. At the castle in the summer often all kinds of festivities and concerts are given. From the castle you can see the 17th century mill which you can also visit. A visit to the Romanesque church in the heart of the village is also possible. You will then be able to take a walk on the steep roads that criss-cross the village.

Sunday morning there is a very nice antique market just outside the village, on the road from Grimaud to Sainte Maxime, on your left before you reach the coastal road. The market closes at about 1 hour, but then you may already be behind the Pastis or rosé on the terrace of the former farm at the market. Simple, tasty meals are served.

La Garde Freinet

This small village on the hills of the Massif des Maures is by no means comparable to the fashionable coast 15 kilometres away. Here it is still relatively quiet and one does not need to be seen so badly. The streets in the village still have the old Provencal character. The tranquility of the hills, with the fashionable coast at your fingertips.


In and around the village itself you can make many walks, for example to the old fortress. That takes an hour, against the slope. However, one can take a head start by car and then go the last part on foot. A little less than an hour, but still about 40 minutes, takes the steep walk to the statue of the crucified Jesus. Many French people cross the village and its surroundings on a road bike or ATB (All Terrain Bike) on a route that leads over Collobrières, Grimaud, Plan de la Tour and back again in La Garde Freinet. A distance of 85 km with a difference in altitude between the highest and lowest point of over 600 meters.

For restaurants you don't have to leave the village: they are available in all price ranges.

Plan de la tour

Actually surprising, one of those original looking villages just behind the coast. A small "center" that at noon at least still has that tranquil character of yesteryear. Plan de la Tour doesn't seem big, but appearances are a bit misleading. It measures no less than 4000 hectares and has about 2500 permanent inhabitants over that area. Many of them live in one of the 25 hameaux, small "settlements" that are scattered throughout the hills.


The surroundings of this village are ideal for walking tours of which the small Tourist Office in the village has a map for you. But also with an ATB (All Terrain Bike) and by car there is much to do. You will see on your way to perhaps Saint Tropez or Grimaud some of the previously discussed hameaux. You come along the Ponte Romane, an old Roman road that unfortunately is not easy to visit because it is now private property. There is also a single menhir (think of Asterix and Obelix) in the area that used to be used as a border demarcation. 

When you go the other way, you drive through the "vignes", the vineyards where some of the delicious Provencal rosé's are made. The village has its own wine cooperative where farmers deliver their harvested grapes. You can take part in tastings at the Fouleurs de Saint-Pons (00-33-494-437060). They are open from Monday to Saturday all year round.


The village of Ramatuelle, built on a hill not far from the coast, looks from the outside as if it is difficult to approach. However, the high walls are no longer used for protection. It is a peaceful, quiet village. Today, many celebrities and artists live here. In the village there is an old church that in 1620 is equipped with a beautiful portal of a rare, green spotted stone (serpentine, also called green marble). 


With the location of the village so close to the famous beaches of Pampelonne, where 5 kilometers of sandy beaches await you, one of the activities will be a visit to the beach. Here you will find famous beach tents such as Club 55, Nikki Beach, and Tahiti.